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I've been having a difficult time with this one. I have a master table
which has a single field "i". I use a TppDBPipeline connected to this table
(actually a memory table) to maintain the sequence of a grid. The sole
purpose of this table/pipeline is so that my actual data table will be
traversed in the same order as my grid.

My second data pipeline/table where the real data table is connected also
has the same field "i". On this pipeline I set "MasterDataPipeLine" to
point to the first pipeline and define a MasterFieldLink" as "i->i".

When I do this I get only 6 of my 98 records to print. I have confirmed
that the master table has all 98 records and that each and every link i->i
is valid.

I have also tried a JITPipeline as the master pipeline reading from the
grid. Again, I traced through the code record by record (all 98 were
processed at print time) and each item was hit in the correct sequence and
was a valid "i" value.

Also, when I tried to create a test report with just a single field in the
detail column I try to exit the designer and get "Invalid variant operation"
and I cannot exit the designer even after deleting the single field and
removing the data attachment.

Any help with either of these problems would be appreciated. I am using
Version 7.0 Standard with Delphi 6.02. If any additional information can
help isolate the problem, please let me know.



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    1. If define a master/detail relationship using the datapipeline fieldlinks,
    then you must sort the detail data on the linking field(s).

    2. See demo 112 (dm0112.pas) in the main demo reports application,
    RBuilder\Demos\Reports\Demo.dpr. This example shows to use the
    DataPipelines bookmark traversal feature to feed the datapipeline a list of
    bookmarks that correspond to records in a DBGrid.

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
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    I will check the example out. Thank you.

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