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Query Designer?

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I keep seeing references in the newsgroups and documentation to a query
designer..but i don't seem to have one. I don't have it listed when i click
"New..." in the designer. What gives?

I'm using RB 6.03 demo, with JIT Pipelines, if that makes a difference..




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    Are you using RB Pro or Enterprise? Standard doesn't have Data Access
    Development Environment (DADE). You have to move to the Data tab (DADE) of
    the designer worskpace. Then go to File | New to launch the query tools.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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    I was using Pro...now looking at enterprise (want to see what RAP can

    At Delphi Design-time i see the data and calc tabs...but at run-time i
    don't. Why is this?

    Sorry for all the questions...bit of a RB newbie, i'm afraid!


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    Okay i've got the calc tab (added raide to uses)...but still no query

    Is this because i'm using JIT pipelines?

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    Add dbDBBDE to your uses clause if you are using the BDE. Configure the
    DataSettings property on the designer component at design time.

    For more info, have a look at the tech-tips newsgroup in the EndUser thread
    for post called 'Controlling the End-User Environment.'

    Article: Resources for Learning ReportBuilder

    1. Learning ReportBuilder is a complete learning system designed to teach
    end users how to build a range of reports, but it is also an excellent
    resource for the developer who is just getting started with RB. Learning RB
    includes a 125-page PDF file, a stand-alone application complete with a
    database, and a help file. The PDF file contains a set of tutorials, which
    can be completed using the provided application. Learning ReportBuilder can
    be downloaded from:


    2. Developer's Guide

    When you install RB, this guide is automatically installed into the
    RBuilder\Developers Guide directory. It contains extensive conceptual
    information and step by step tutorials which show how to construct reports
    and reporting applications within the context of the Delphi IDE.

    3. On-Line Help

    Accessible via a single click of the F1 key from with the Delphi IDE, this
    reference resource explains the classes, methods, properties and events
    which make up the product. It is also an excellent source of information
    regarding installation, troubleshooting and version history.

    4. Examples

    There are a large number of example reports and reporting applications
    included with RB. These show how to accomplish some of the most frequently
    requested types of reports. In total there are probably over 200 different
    examples covering everything from crosstabs to full-blown end-user reporting
    solutions. The RAP functionality included with ReportBuilder Enterprise has
    a separate set of demos, tutorials, and help files.


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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    Correction, daDBBDE should be added to the uses clause if you are using the
    BDE. If you are using ADO, then add daADO. There are DADE plugins for the
    other database vendors that you can connect to. For example, if you are
    using Advantage, then use daADS. Direct Oracle Access would be daDOA. The
    DADE plugins are located on our website and the more popular ones are
    located in the installation in the installed end user databases demo


    Jim Bennett
    Digital Metaphors

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