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Is there a way of dynamically adding and deleting values from the Joined
Fields in the MasterFieldLinks property? I created 2 DBPipelines and had
one value at the Joined fields for the 1st Pipeline and two values for the
2nd Pipeline both using the same datasource, and I could not get it to work.
Is there a way of disabling one of them dynamically? Thanks!

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    Tech Tip: Define Master/Detail DataPipeline Links in Code

    Defining a Master/Detail relationship for a DataPipeline
    requires that the detail pipeline have the
    following properties defined:

    1. MasterDataPipeline

    2. MasterFieldLinks

    At Delphi design-time you can use the object inspector
    and the DataPipeline's FieldLinks editor to define
    the master/detail relationship.

    The following example illustrates how to define the
    master/detail relationship dynamically at run-time.

    lFieldLink: TppMasterFieldLink;


    {define the master/detail pipeline relationship}
    plDetail.MasterDataPipeline := plMaster;

    {create a new field link }
    lFieldLink := TppMasterFieldLink.Create(nil);

    lFieldLink.Parent := plDetail;

    {assign the detail field name}
    lFieldLink.DetailFieldName := 'CustNo';

    {assign the master field name}
    lFieldLink.MasterFieldName := 'CustNo';


    Note: The DataPipeline linking requires the records in the detail dataset to
    be ordered by the linking fields. In the above example, the detail data must
    be ordered by CustNo.

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