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simple cover page subreport blocks printing

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I have a working report to which I have added a subreport which is to
be a cover page. The subreport is very simple, using only some
TppLabels a TppMemo, and a TWPToolsRichText. No data components.

When I run the report, I am loading content to these components from
data already unpacked into field variables. All of that works.

My problem is that when I call print on the main report, then I get the
file save dialog, and then a dialog which says "Accessing data", and it
never proceeds from there. I have been told by a colleague that there
is some sort of issue he remembers from years ago in connection with a
subreport which has no DB components.

It is rather mystifying. What am I missing? I am on RB 16.02, by the
way. Delphi XE7.


Bill Meyer


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    wmeyer wrote:

    Simplifying, I have removed from the subreport all components other
    than two lines. I have removed almost all code that affects the
    subreport. Apparently, putting a subreport into the TitleBand of my
    report and making the TitleBand visible is sufficient to trigger the


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    Hi Bill,

    This is not a known issue however it sounds like you are experiencing an
    endless page report. Be sure the subreport's AutoStop property is set
    to True.

    Please create a simple example that demonstrates this behavior that I
    can run here and send it in .zip format to support@digital-metaphors.com
    and I'll take a look.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Nico Cizik (Digital Metaphors) wrote:

    Nico, I have worked around this by creating a small dataset for the
    subreport. Everything seems to be ok, except that when I look at the
    report, the cover page is not produced.

    As in all of our other reports, the subreport is placed in the
    TitleBand of the main report. I am setting the visibility of the
    TitleBand and the subreport in code. The subreport is on its own form
    unit, and is instantiated in my code. I then populate in code the
    one-record dataset which will fill the cover page.

    The report executes as expected, but no cover page is present.

    I know at some point I will trip over some single setting somewhere
    which I have missed, but am going crazy trying to figure out what it
    could be.


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    Nico Cizik (Digital Metaphors) wrote:

    A sample project is in your e-mail.


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