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Section stype subreport in summary band

edited October 2014 in Subreports
I have a section style subreport in a summary band. If there are enough
records to require a second page the report generation process hangs up.
If the style is child then all works ok. Is this a bug or am i missing

I am having to place the section subreports in the summary band to
control their print order with respect to other child subreports. If the
subreport is in the detail band it works fine but I cannot control its
print order.

I should mention that the main report comprises several subreports
loaded from templates and is failrly complex.

RB 14.01

Any advice welcome ...

Paul Lowman


  • edited October 2014
    Hi Paul,

    As I mentioned in my response to your post on September 9th, Section
    subreports are meant to be used to join multiple full reports into a
    single report. When you place a section subreport inside a band other
    than the detail, you are likely to get unwanted results.


    1. Upgrade your version of ReportBuilder to 14.08. 14.01 is very
    outdated. Also please consider upgrading your version to the latest in
    order to obtain all new bug fixes and features.

    2. If this section subreport in the summary needs to print last,
    consider creating a new main report with just a Detail band. Place two
    section style subreports in the detail band, one for your existing
    report (minus the summary band subreport) and one for the summary band
    subreport. This will separate the two the way you need.

    3. Only use Child subreports.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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