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GPF in Print Preview :(

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I just upgraded to ReportBuilder v14.0 and recompiled one of my existing
Delphi 2009 projects.

When I went into Print Preview for one of my ReportBuilder reports, I
immediately noticed a General Protection Fault (GPF) occur :(

"Access violation at address 0065D68 in module ... Read of address 00000264"

Having removed the ReportBuilder control packages from Delphi and
recompiling/installing them back into Delphi -- I performed the same test
several times.

It was so very relieving to discover that the ReportBuilder v14.0 Print
Preview appears to work fine, EXCEPT when you attempt to use the mouse
scroll wheel to scroll through the report. Dragging the Print Preview
scrollbar's scroll thumb works fine :)

How do I prevent the ReportBuilder v14.0 Print Preview from throwing an
Access violation error (GPF), when the end-user attempts to navigate through
the report print preview using the (Microsoft) mouse scroll wheel?

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