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problem with sub-report

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I have a sub-report on the summary page of original report.

Sub-report contains nearly the same structures as the original one, with one
but for some reason its being printed incorrectly, i.e. it outputs the last
record of dataset 5 times,
instead of different records.

Sub-report uses its own dataset and pipeline, i've made sure the datasets
return the same result.

Any ideas?



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    Hi Eugene,

    You need to be sure you are connecting the subreport itself to the
    proper datapipeline. This can be done in the Report | Data... option in
    the main menu of the designer when on the subreport tab or by setting
    the subreport.datapipeline property.

    I recommend spending some time with the ReportBuilder Developer's Guide
    and working through the tutorials provided. This will give you a good
    base of knowledge on basic ReportBuilder functionality such as data
    access and design. There are also hundreds of demos included with RB
    that take the lessons learned in the tutorials to the next level.

    The demos and developer's guide can be found in the following location.


    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico,

    I've made sure the piplines are set correctly for both main report and for

    Any more ideas what could cause such a behaviour in sub-report?


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    On the sub report, check the detail bands "BandsPerRecord" property. Is
    that set to 1?

    If so, how are you accessing your data? Via piplines (if so, whcih kind) in
    your datamodule or via DADE (the later of which I don't use very much so
    will not be able to provide much help).

    Ed Dressel
    Team DM
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    Yes, BandsPerRecord is set to 1.

    I am using TppDBPipeline connected to TADODataSet.

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    > Yes, BandsPerRecord is set to 1.

    I've been thinking about this... I would bet dollars-to-dougnuts that the
    problem is a configuration issue or the dataset is providing the wrong data.
    I've had some pretty sophisticated reports and never anything like that--and
    I can't think of anything else that might case this.

    Ed Dressel
    Team DM
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    Hi Eugene,

    The report simply displays the data it is given. If it is displaying
    the same record over and over, this is the only data available.

    Which band is the subreport located? Which band (inside the subreport)
    are the data-aware components located? Are these components them selves
    perhaps accessing the dataset of the main report by accident? Check
    each data-aware component's pipeline property to be sure.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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