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Duplex Printing Problem

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I am using Report Builder Enterprise v 11.07 with Delphi 2010 on Windows XP
Professional SP 3.

I have a report spanning 2 pages, and when I try to print in Duplex ,
sometimes it works while most of the times it doesn't. I can't put my finger
on it.

I have set Duplex to dpHorizontal in the PrinterSetup options, for both the
Main report and the SubReport (second page). The printers I have tried this
on are all HP Laserjet. I have tried model CP4005dn and also the 3800dn.

Any ideas?

Thx in advance,


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    Hi Patrick,

    This was not a known issue with RB 11.07. Do you get this behavior with
    every report you try to duplex print? If you create a minimal example
    (Report with a label spanning 2 pages) do you get the same behavior?
    Are you using a universal (PCL5 or PCL6) driver for these printers or
    individual specific drivers? In the past we have has customers using
    one version (PCL5 or PCL6) and switching solved their issues.

    As a test, you might try upgrading your version of ReportBuilder to
    11.08 and see if that helps. Contact info@digital-metaphors.com with
    your serial number and purchasing email address for upgrade instructions.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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