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RB 12 and TeeChart 8

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Im using RB 12 with DelphiXE and TeeChart 8. RB 12 seems to support
TeeChart 9 only out of the box. Is there any chance to install RB12
with TeeChart 8?


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    Hi Peter,

    ReportBuilder only supports versions of Teechart that explicitly support
    a given version of Delphi.

    Looking at the Steema website, the last version of Delphi that Teechart
    8 supported was D2010.

    I'm unsure how you are using Teechart 8 with Delphi XE but if perhaps
    you manually rebuilt the Teechart packages to work with that version,
    you could possibly do the same with RB. Note we have not tested this
    and do not support such action.

    My recommendation would be to upgrade your version of Teechart if you
    wish to use it with Delphi XE.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Txs Nico,
    I love asking mangement for updates ;)
    However in this case I tink your recommendation to upgrade TeeChart is
    Best regards

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