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RbPro 11.08: Exceptions in the designer

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RbPro 11.08 Delphi 2006

When closing a component dialog, e.g. the Timing dialog, you sometimes get
an access violation in TppDesignSelection.Contains. It is hard to reproduce
and i have not found a pattern in it. But the AV is caused by the fact that
TppComponentPopupMenu.SetPropValue is called with
SelectionController.Selection = nil. Added an check for that case which
solves it for now.

Recently we got complaints from some of our customers that they sometimes
encounters a "list index out bounds" exception in the designer when deleting
components. At first it seemed a very rare condition but actually it is very
easy to reproduce. Just delete a component while its being dragged, i.e.
click and drag a component and while dragging press Del. And that happens
easy if you are quickly selecting and deleting components.

Did some debugging and found that procedure
TppDesignWorkspaceController.DragSelection gets called AFTER the component
is deleted, so

liCurrent := Selection.IndexOf(FDragInfo.DesignControl.Component); <=
liCurrent = -1
lBoundsRect := Selection.SelectionObjects[liCurrent].BoundsRect; <=
index out of bound

I think i found a temp solution by blocking the delete while a component is
being dragged. My first attempt was to return immediately from
TppDesignWorkspaceController.DragSelection if liCurrent = -1 but that leaves
the designer in a unstable state until you select another component.

Are these known issues and are they solved in the latest release? For the
time being our patches seem to solve the problems but we prefer an
"official" solution.


Max Paay
Quadrant Software bv.
The Netherlands.


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    Hi Max,

    Thanks, it seems these issues still exist in RB 12. I went ahead and
    made the fixes and am in the process of testing them further. I will
    post here when patches are available.

    These fixes will be added into the next release of ReportBuilder.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    There are now patches available for RB 12.05 that solve these issues.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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