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EMail with GMail IOHandler and RB 13?

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I have seen the wiki article about how to use a different IOHandler to
be able to email securely through gmail. I was wondering if there were
any plans in RB 13 to make this a little easier so that a parameter can
be set to select the IOHandler. If so, I will wait until it is
released before changing my code in about 10 different units. If not,
then I will get to work. :)

Btw, is there any estimate when RB 13 will be released?


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    Hi David,

    This is unlikely. Indy is constantly changing their source base with
    little to no regard for backward compatibility or third party components
    that may use it. This makes custom Indy based properties a nightmare to
    maintain. The best option we have found is to allow the user direct
    access to the underlying Indy components so they can perform any actions
    they need.

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Hi Nico.

    I might be misunderstanding something, but the difficulty is that it
    looks like I have to add my own local Indy components and typecast them
    just so I can set the port number and TLS settings. It seems like it
    would be easier to have both IOHandlers available, and allow setting
    which one to use as a property. Then I could set port numbers and TLS
    settings without adding my own local IOHandler.

    I have thought about modifying the underlying source code myself, but I
    hesitate to start down that path because anytime I update Report
    Builder, then I will have to migrate my code changes to the new update.
    My other option is to modify every unit that does reports, which right
    now is at about 10 units.

    In any case, RB 12 was released in May of 2010. RB 11 was released in
    Sept. of 2008. Am I correct in thinking that RB13 might be released
    next month, or is the road map more like next year sometime? Just
    trying to budget my expenses for the next update or RB.

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    Hi David,

    I will look into this however our general policy with Indy is a "hands
    off" approach. In the past they have changed type and object names
    without any regard for backward compatibility. For the time being, I
    recommend moving forward with the method described in the article.

    I'm sorry but I cannot give any information about the next release of

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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