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Deploying Report Builder via run time packages.

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As is standard practice third party components, are deployed using run time
I have Delphi XE with installed update 1.
I have Report Builder Enterprise 12.05 build 224.
I have the Report Builder run time packages as deployed in the Report
Builder installation.
When I add, these packages into the "runtime packages" list of my project.
My project no longer compiles. Big bummer.
I get the below error message:

[DCC Fatal Error] F2051 Unit raIDE was compiled with a different version of

What can I do?

My current course of action is to remove these packages from my run time
However that adds 6MB on to the size of my executable.
Not acceptable to our QA team.

Kind Regards,



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    > Not acceptable to our QA team.

    I don't know about the original problem, but what's up with your QA team?

    Ed Dressel
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    Hi Robert,

    Sorry for the delay in this response. I somehow lost track of this post.

    Generally the error you are receiving indicates that the interface
    section of one of our files has been altered. If this is not the case,
    I first suggest performing a corrupt install cleanup of ReportBuilder on
    your machine, then installing RB 12.05 build 2 and testing with that.
    You might also try building with the Source directory in your library
    path rather than Lib to see if there is any difference.


    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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    Just how it is here.
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    Thank you Nico,

    I uninstalled my reportbuilder. i cleaned the system of all connection to
    report builder.
    Then I dowloaded the current build of report builder.

    Recompiled all good. with runtime packages.

    Great news.

    Kind Regards,


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