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How to compile Report Builder 12.05 Packages

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when compiling RB Packages ( i made NO changes to the original sourcecode!),
I get no errors. rbRAP and rbRIDE have no source, so I stay with the ones
provided by the installer.
Now, when I compile a Project which uses those new compiled Packages (and
not rbRAP, rbRIDE) I get an error pointing out, that raIDE was compiled
using a different Version of ppDsgner, if i add the rbRAP and rbRIDE i get
"'Never-build' Package 'rbride1211' muss neu compiliert werden".
So how am I able to compile your provided Packages and use them? A makefile
would be very helpful. I have no old files flying around, everything is
fresh but no chance to compile the project.

Wolfgang Hanke


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    Hi Wolfgang,

    This is an open issue that we are still researching that only affects
    Delphi 2007 installations.

    Please send a small email to support@digital-metaphors.com and we will
    provide you with the manually compiled files needed to rebuild the RB

    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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