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Using INDY to send emails

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I am using RB 11.08 and Delphi 6 and am trying to configure my reports
to use either MAPI or SMTP (via Indy components) depending on the users
preferences. I have read through the manual, looked at your
EmailEmampleProj and scanned the newsgroup but am still unlcear about a
few points:

1. In the manual it says to include ppSMTPIndy in my uses clause, but I
also have to add ppSMTPCustom to get the TppSMTPPlugIn.RegisterClass
line to compile. Is this correct or am I doing something else wrong?

2. Once I have called TppSMTPPlugIn.RegisterClass(TppSMTPIndy), are ALL
the reports in my application from that point onwards emailed either by
calling SendMail or by the user choosing the email button in the preview
dialog sent via SMTP, or do I have to call RegisterClass for each

3. If I set the UserId, Password, Host etc in a/the? TIdSMTP component
are these picked up by ReportBuilder or do I have to set them
individually for each report (ie is there any use for the TidSMTP
component in relation to ReportBuilder)?

Thanks for any help

Steve Everington


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