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Subreport and Trailing Blank Page

edited April 2009 in Subreports
RB Server 10.07 - How can I suppress the blank page?

I'm sometimes getting a trailing blank page from a report that is really
just 3 section subreports in a main report dynamic detail band. There
are no components on the main report other than the 3 subreports.

The 3 subreports (SB's) all have their own data pipeline but all do
point to the same underlying data table. The SB's are not linked.

Main Report set to ndBlankPage or ndBlankReport
SB#1, SB#2, SB#3 set to ndBlankPage

Condition A - SB#1, SB#2 and SB3 all no data
Blank Page

Condition B - SB#1 has data, SB#2 and SB3 no data
I get SB#1 report and then a blank page

Condition C - SB#1 no data, SB#2 has data, SB3 no data
I get SB#2 report and a blank page
Properly skips SB#1

Condition D - SB#1 and SB#2 no data, SB#3 data
I get SB#3 report and NO blank page
Properly skips SB#1 and SB#2
*** This condition works correctly ***


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