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I have a report that is somewhat like the following:

Goes thru a file with a primary key of ID for example:

There is a group header and footer on the ID field.

In the header, information from the file is printed (name, address,
whatever). there is also a subreport that prints detail information
from a different table. below the subreport is a region with the shift
to property set to the subreport. this prints a memo that the user can
enter (so the text stretches). Below that is another region that shifts
based on the region the memo is in. Below that is a pagebreak component
to go to a new page.

In the footer of the ID field is another page of the report that prints
other information. This is all working fine, but how do I (if
possible), get the two regions from the first page to anchor at the
bottom of the page? Because the regions shift in relation to another
component, i cannot just move them on the page. I tried rearranging the
places I have all the reports, controls, etc. but was unable to get
anything to work. do you have any ideas based on my description which
hopefully you can follow.



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    Hi Jeff,

    If I understand correctly you would like the regions to start at the bottom
    of the page and grow upward.

    ReportBuilder components simply are not designed to natively act in this
    manner. The report engine is designed strictly so that components and bands
    stretch dynamically downward. That being said, I can think of three ways to
    possibly get the report you need.

    1. Manually create and add text drawcommands to the page. This method will
    give you the most control but will take more code. It will involve removing
    the memos from your original design and manually creating two TppDrawText
    object in code, measuring them, and adding them directly to the bottom of
    the page as needed. DrawCommands are placed on a page in page coordinates
    so there is no need to reference a band.

    2. The other option would be to place another region in between the header
    and bottom regions. Then (based on how much space the bottom memos take,
    which you would need to measure), increase the size of the empty region to
    essentially "push" the other two down the page.

    3. The final and easiest option would be to use the FooterBand somehow to
    hold the memos. By definition the FooterBand is always at the bottom of a
    page but is a static band. It would need to be manually sized to fit the
    memos and the use of the PageBreak components would be prohibited.


    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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