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Save Template-RAP-Code ASCII

Hi there.

We provide over 500 Reports for our customers.
In the last few Weeks we dicided to load all our Reports into a GIT.
So our Develpooers can work with these reports and provide the lastest changes.

The changes are shown in the GIT-History but the binary-block is always show as "one big change".

Is there a way to save the templates with ascii-text in the RAP-Programming-Section?


  • Hi Frank,

    RB 19.03 saves the RAP code as text.

    Write a utility to iterate over the reports, load the report and re-save.

    Best regards,

    Nard Moseley
    Digital Metaphors
  • We are using software that has version 14.04 built in to create reports / forms. Is there any way to view all of the RAP code either in the editor or outside in another program ? For example, i need to search the code for certain variables, etc..
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