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Does Report Builder support printing or inserting arbitrary pages into a report?

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I need to print some static content after the TitleBand on the second page of a report.

The final report would be then structured like this:
- 1st page: Title page (TitleBand) without footer
- 2nd page: Static content (text and images) without footer
- 3rd page: TppGroup starts here, with regular footer

This is actually the same report for which I made that other post, I need to extend yet again.

Would a similar method as used in the Table of Contents example also work for this use case?

I got a single page PDF file with the static content I need to insert as the second page of the report, but I can replicate/reconstruct the content in Report Builder if needed.

Any advice is appreciated :)

ReportBuilder Standard 22.02 Build 189
Delphi 10.4 / Windows 10


  • Hi Yuki,

    The PDF component can display PDF files inside a report with "section" print behavior meaning it will take up its own page. I suggest exploring this option first.

    Place the pdf component in the Title band after and shifting relative to any other items in the band.

    Moving forward and as your reports become more complex, you may consider separating out logical sections of your report into individual section subreports. For instance, you main report would contain a detail band only and three section subreports. The first subreport would contain the current title band information (first page), the second would contain the PDF content (2nd page), and the third would contain the rest of the report and be connected to data.

    See demos 51 and 52 of the main reports demo for examples of using multiple sections in a single report.
    Best Regards,

    Nico Cizik
    Digital Metaphors
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