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  • Nard- how could this be used inside of RAP so that when editing a form with new version, that it writes the legacy format instead? I support users of old and new versions of the product.

    thank you!
  • Update- i wrote a Python program to convert old version RTM to new version, including the RAP code. I am working on a converter to go from new version RTM to old version.
  • What i am trying to do is to view the RTM file in a text editor, after it has been saved from the Report Builder interface. Thank you !
  • Hello Nard- thank you for this. Since the binary format is no longer being used, can you provide or describe how it worked so that we can decode it ? I am not a developer, but we used Report Builder as a built in interface to modify reports inside…
  • So, we use a software product that uses ReportBuilder forms internally. A recent upgrade changed the format of the RTM files, making them not backwards compatible to old version. I was trying to share a document from the new version to a fellow us…
  • We are using software that has version 14.04 built in to create reports / forms. Is there any way to view all of the RAP code either in the editor or outside in another program ? For example, i need to search the code for certain variables, etc..