PDF/A is a very useful and popular format used for the long term archiving of digital documents. ReportBuilder 19 introduces numerous PDF/A related features including support for the PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3, and PDF/A-3 ZUGFeRD formats (PDF/A-1 format has been available since RB 14).

PDF/A is highly restrictive in the features it allows and information it requires. One aspect of the PDF/A format that differentiates it from standard PDF is the required metadata that must be embedded into the file describing various aspects of the document itself. This metadata is formatted as XML and can contain any number of custom entries. As new PDF/A formats have been added to ReportBuilder, the necessity to customize this metadata has become increasingly important, especially for the PDF/A-3 ZUGFeRD format which is quickly becoming a standard for Eurozone invoices.  For more information about the PDF/A format, see the following Wikipedia article:

Starting with ReportBuilder 19.01, it is possible to customize the default metadata using the newly added TppPDFDevice.OnGetPDFMetadata event. The OnGetPDFMetadata event fires after the default metadata has been generated but before it has been written to the final PDF file. A copy of the default metadata is passed as a parameter of the event which can be altered manually or by using the Delphi XML classes. This gives developers complete control over the contents of the metadata portion of the PDF/A file.

See the following article for a detailed description and example of using this new event to alter the default metadata of a PDF/A document.