Helper Routines

A common goal of component developers (like us) is simplifying the job of our customers (other developers) as much as possible. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by adding “helper routines” to the product to reduce the amount of time it takes to code an otherwise tedious task. Below are a couple […]

EPC QR Codes with ReportBuilder

          ReportBuilder 22 introduced a number of features to make the life of a report developer easier. One of those features is the ability to easily create an EPC compliant QR Code for making payments in many European countries. While it was possible to create an EPC QR Code in earlier […]

Automatically Signing a PDF with ReportBuilder

Have you ever needed to be sure a document sent is the one being read? We all know that the Internet is a dangerous place for unprotected data. Transferring any un-encrypted data is fair game to be intercepted, stolen, or altered. Digital Signatures are an excellent way to avoid some these problems. Digital Signatures offer […]